The care and compassion in this community is inspired by the life of a sweet boy who lived, loved and was loved by many, but is no longer here to see the sun rise again. Addiction and mental illness account for the lives of so many, but with the right family system of support, there is much hope for a beautiful life.

Like so many others, Ethan had his share of struggles; family hardship, difficulty finding his place in this world and trouble realizing his life’s dreams and aspirations. The confluence of his life circumstances led him to depression and addiction, which ultimately took his life at the tender age of twenty-two. Ethan Crossing Recovery seeks to honor his life by providing for others, which he did not have; a family system that understands, supports and is there for the lifelong journey of sustainable recovery.


As part of an expansive system of care, Ethan Crossing Recovery Center is family owned and operated as part of a larger continuum of care for mental health and substance abuse services. When it comes to treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, you deserve the very best that healthcare can provide.