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Are you using cocaine and cannot stop? It is common for someone to struggle with addiction, even with limited cocaine use. Because of the way this drug interacts with your central nervous system, it can create bursts of energy and euphoria, which your brain thinks is a good thing. Yet, because it can lead to addiction quickly, many people need to enter into a cocaine detox center to stop using. Our team at Ethan Crossing provides a comprehensive cocaine detox program capable of helping you recover. When you enroll in our cocaine detox center, you’ll learn you can take back control. Learn more by reaching out to Ethan Crossing Recovery at 833.691.0736 today.

Why You Need Cocaine Detox At A Recovery Center

cocaine detox at a rehab center in ohioBecause cocaine affects the way your brain works, it is very common for addiction to form. It’s hard for many people with this addiction to see that they are struggling to stop using. You may have cravings and withdrawal symptoms if you stop using even for a short period of time. That’s an indication that addiction is occurring.

You may benefit from our drug addiction treatment program if you are using often, using increasing amounts, or mixing this drug with others. Cocaine interacts with the function of the brain. You may feel like you have to use it just to feel normal. Even if you do not feel like you are addicted, you don’t feel right if you are not using. In our cocaine detox program, we provide the tools to allow your body and brain to break free from this addiction.

What Happens During Cocaine Detox?

When you take the first step and get into our cocaine detox center, you will spend time in a warm and welcoming space. This is not a scary hospital-like setting, but a place where you can feel at home. During your time in detox, your body will work to remove the drugs from your system. We can provide you with medication that will ease your withdrawal symptoms and reduce the risk of experiencing cravings. We also provide medical assistance to ensure your physical needs are met.

Cocaine Detox Treatment Options in Ohio

Our team will work closely with you to complete your treatment over the course of a few days to weeks within the cocaine detox center. Then, we’ll encourage you to move into our men’s rehab or women’s rehab program. This residential treatment program is where you will begin to work on overcoming your addiction. You will learn about your disease and why it happened to you.

In addition to this, we use a range of therapies to help guide you towards recovery. These include therapies for your mind and body, including:

During individual treatment and group therapy, you will learn more about the underlying causes of addiction. You will also develop healthy coping skills that you can use to help rebuild your life.

Why Do You Need Drug Detox?

Our cocaine detox center is designed to make it possible for you to stop using cocaine and to rebuild your life. While in our cocaine addiction treatment program, you will receive one-on-one care in a safe place. We can work with you on mental health issues you may have and work through previous trauma. No matter what you’re up against, we’re here to help you work through it.

Take the First Step – Call Our Rehab Center

The right cocaine detox center can provide you with the support you need to finally break free from your addiction. In Ethan Crossing’s cocaine addiction treatment center, we provide comprehensive addiction treatment. Let’s get you started so you can start to heal. Call us at 833.691.0736 to learn more.