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Recognizing the need for addiction treatment is one of the most difficult realizations in a person’s life. Yet, if you continue on this path, you allow drugs and alcohol to control your future. It doesn’t have to be that way. With detox programs/ drug rehab Columbus, Ohio available to you, you can start on the path towards controlling your future. To learn more, reach out to our team at Ethan Crossing Recovery.

Treatment Options For Drug Rehab Near Columbus, Ohio

drug detox at a treatment center near columbus, ohioIf you think you may benefit from a residential treatment program, now is the time to reach out for help. Our team will provide a full assessment to determine if detox is necessary. You will learn more about the treatment options we recommend for you. Many of our clients benefit from a medication-assisted detox program, which allows your body to detox without the type of pain that is commonly associated with this process. After detox, you may move into our residential treatment program. This allows you time to learn about your disease and how to manage it.

During your time with us, you will have access to a variety of treatment options. This includes therapies that are right for your needs. Our Columbus detox programs include:

The combination of holistic and evidence-based treatment allows you to regain control and to start working on yourself. All you have to do is to get into detox as a first step.

Signs You Need Substance Abuse Treatment Near Columbus, Ohio

Making the decision to seek out a drug detox center is never a simple one. You may feel as though you have some control. You may think you can stop. When it comes to addiction treatment Columbus residents should seek out detox specifically in some cases.

  • You tried to stop, but you always have intense cravings and pain
  • Using more of the same drug has become essential to get the same relief
  • Relationships are failing and you feel unable to control what’s happening to you
  • You’re hiding your drug and alcohol use
  • You are at risk for an overdose or have overdosed previously

In each of these situations, reaching out for detox at a residential treatment center allows you to regain more control. That’s because, in our Columbus detox programs, you’re able to break the dependency that occurs.

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What Happens in Drug Detox At Our Recovery Center?

When it comes to medical detox programs, Ohio residents can expect to receive customized care. Depending on the type of drugs you used, you may need to spend a few days to a week or longer working on healing. During this time, your body naturally removes drugs and alcohol from your system. This often leads to pain and discomfort as you struggle with withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal occurs because the body and brain are dependent on the drug. The only way to break that dependency is to focus the brain to relearn how to function without the drugs.

Our team will provide you with medications to ease the symptoms of withdrawal. In Columbus detox programs, the goal will always be working towards supporting your health. If you have medical concerns, such as nutritional deficiencies, our team will work on those concerns as well.

During detox programs, Ohio residents will also work one-on-one with a treatment counselor. This is a time to start working on healing the reason why you use. It may be due to trauma, peer pressure, or mental health conditions.

Explore Drug Detox At Ohio Our Rehab Center

Choosing Columbus detox programs can save your life. If you are ready to choose the next step in your journey towards health, reach out to our team at Ethan Crossing. Our addiction treatment programs are exceptional and ready to support your journey towards recovery. Call our compassionate counselors at 833.691.0736 for immediate help.