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Glossary of Addiction – What Are Some Commonly Used Addiction Terminology In Rehab?

A – F

Alcohol Detox: A period of sobriety from alcohol. This is often the first step in substance use treatment.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: A method of therapy that focuses on re-training your brain. This helps you react more positively to life’s difficulties.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy: A type of therapy that uses mindfulness and emotion-regulation. This will help you improve your communication and relationships with others.

Drug Detox: Much like an alcohol detox, drug detox requires a period of sobriety from drugs. A drug detox should always be medically-monitored in a safe and secure location.

Dual Diagnosis: Suffering from multiple disorders that impact one another at the same time. For example, suffering from both mental illness and addiction.

Family Therapy: Having family members be a part of your healing journey and attend certain therapy sessions as recommended by a professional.

G – L

Group Therapy: Participating in a therapy session along with other clients to facilitate discussion and help clients form relationships.

Heroin Detox: Allowing your body to recover from heroin addiction by using certain medications and other solutions to rid your body of the drug. Please only attempt a heroin detox in a medically-monitored environment.

Individual TherapyOne-on-one sessions with a trained professional to help guide you through your recovery. You and your therapist will choose from a variety of different methods to help find a treatment plan that works best for you.

IOPAn Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program. This type of program does not require 24-hour supervision in a rehab facility and allows you to be more flexible in your recovery.

M – R

Medication-Assisted Detox: Using medication under a doctor’s supervision to manage all of the symptoms you will experience during withdrawal.

Outpatient ProgramA type of treatment that allows you to receive care in the comfort of your own home.

PHPA type of treatment plan that allows you to complete the majority of your recovery in your home while reporting back to the treatment center to attend therapy sessions and counseling on a weekly basis.

Residential Treatment Program: Individuals live in our treatment center and receive 24-hour care from our professionals in order to help them overcome drug and substance abuse.

12 Step Therapy: A type of therapy program that outlines specific steps for individuals to guide them to recovery.

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