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At Ethan Crossing Recovery, we stay with our clients throughout their recovery journey. As part of our addiction treatment therapies, we use a combination of traditional therapy and holistic approaches. Our holistic treatment includes our yoga therapy program in Ohio. Learn more about how group therapy for addiction can help you stay focused on recovery.

At Ethan Crossing Recovery, we’re proud to work with our clients to overcome their addiction and any underlying mental health conditions. With the help of our treatment programs, many of our clients can find the relief they need. In addition, we are in-network with a variety of health insurance providers, including Magellan and Humana. Therefore, we can make our clients’ recoveries as affordable as possible. To learn how yoga therapy can aid in your recovery, please contact Ethan Crossing Recovery today at 833.691.0736.

Yoga Therapy At Our Recovery Center in Ohio

yoga therapy springfield ohioYoga is certainly not a cure-all for all conditions. However, it has proven to be successful in our addiction therapy program. Yoga teaches you basic emotional and mental control. Additionally, yoga can be used in conjunction with a depression treatment program and an anxiety treatment program, which are two common triggers for relapse. You can use it to stop or reverse compulsions that cause your addiction. Many of us can become overwhelmed by stress and tension. Therefore, it is important to have an outlet for these painful feelings. Yoga is a great way to improve your physical condition while pursuing lifelong recovery.

Why Use Yoga Therapy for Addiction Help?

Our yoga therapy program in Ohio uses a broad approach that teaches you a new way of thinking. We place emphasis on maintaining the general well-being of our patients. Yoga is not a specific therapy for any illness. However, it can generally help you maintain your calm and think deeply about your lifestyle. Yoga therapy for addiction puts you more in touch with your physical and mental state. You can use yoga to relax and decrease the pain and discomfort you may feel during treatment at our drug detox center.

Yoga may even decrease the risk of a relapse. If you have chronic pain, yoga is a useful tool to cope with the pain and give you a sense of control.

Benefits of Yoga Therapy At Our Treatment Center

In our yoga therapy program in Ohio, we use intentional breathing to help you regulate your mood. Many experts believe that yoga can enhance your cognitive ability. With increased brain activity, you can learn to slow down your thinking and stay in the moment. Yoga can also help with your physical and mental development. In turn, it helps you maintain control over your mind and body may assist you in overcoming substance abuse through our substance abuse treatment programs. The physical benefits of practicing yoga include:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increased flexibility
  • Weight reduction
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Balanced metabolism
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Improved energy and vitality
  • Cardio health and circulation
  • Better athletic performance

Please reach out to Ethan Crossing Recovery today to learn more about how yoga can benefit you.

Yoga for Addiction and Mental Wellness

By participating in addiction treatment center programs in Ohio, you may gain many mental health benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Reducing tension: People who practice yoga often say they feel a calming of their spirit and freeing of their mind. It is an excellent way to keep the mind free of distractions.
  • Restoring flexibility: Positive benefits from yoga exercises include increased mental quickness. Attentiveness, alertness, and the ability to tackle problems with renewed energy stem from a flexible mind. Practicing yoga can recharge your mental energy. Therefore, yoga will help you live a productive life free of drugs and alcohol.
  • Personal worth: Yoga helps you face your fears in a healthy way. Learn to deal with feelings of frustration, insecurity, and avoid mental lapses of judgment. You can even use yoga to help you cope with mental illnesses.
  • Life skills: Yoga can help you relax, and the less irritable you feel, the easier it is to develop interpersonal skills.

These benefits give our clients the tools they need to begin long-term recovery.

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By developing your physical strength, you may gain a unique perspective regarding the real scope of your abilities. When you are ready to take the first steps to recovery, accept the help available at Ethan Crossing Recovery. Our yoga therapy program in Ohio gives you a lasting skill that replaces substance abuse in your life. As a result, we may use it in a wide array of treatment programs, including:

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