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Commercial insurances, or insurance policies, may provide you with financial support to cover the costs of rehab. Rehab insurance coverage may change from one policy to the next. There are times when you may be unsure if you can pay for the care you need. Before you take steps to get help for insurance for rehab, let our team at Ethan Crossing Recovery help you.

Do You Have Commercial Insurance for Rehab?

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Insurance for a residential treatment program is available through many typical health insurance plans. This includes most Healthcare Marketplace policies. If you have an insurance policy of any type, our team can help you to determine if the coverage applies to the continuum of care we provide at Ethan Crossing. The process of finding out is simple.

  • Call our offices to connect with our team.
  • Provide us with information about your insurance company and the type of policy you have.
  • Our team will request information about your policy number.
  • We then verify rehab insurance coverage with your provider.
  • You’ll then learn exactly what type of care we can provide to you and the costs associated with it.

If you are unsure if you have commercial insurances or you know that you do not have a policy from the Healthcare Marketplace, insurance verification still only takes a matter of minutes.

What Does Your Insurance for Rehab Cover?

If you purchase a health insurance policy through the Marketplace, it is required that the policy provides coverage for mental health services, including addiction treatment at the same level and in the same way as the policy covers the other medical care for you. That includes the same deductible, co-pays, and amount of coverage.

In every case, our team will verify the rehab insurance coverage for you. Keep in mind that many policies will provide very specific coverage details. You may need to choose an in-network provider of rehab. However, if Ethan Crossing is not covered, we may still be able to help you through out-of-network benefits if you have them.

In Springfield, Ohio, we are in-network with the following insurance providers:

  • Aetna Better Health
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • AultCare
  • Buckeye Insurance
  • Care Source
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • Magellan
  • MMO
  • Molina
  • Multiplan
  • Paramount
  • Valor Health Plan
  • UHC

How to Know What Type of Care You Need

Having rehab insurance is important for many people, but you also have to be sure the type of insurance you have is right for the type of care you need. Our goal at Ethan Crossing is to help you achieve your best level of care. We will work within your insurance coverage, whenever possible, to ensure you are maximizing the coverage available to you.

We will provide a full assessment for you when you visit us. That will provide some information about the type of care that you need. This differs based on the severity of your addiction, your medical health needs, and your overall goals for care. We may recommend programs such as:

It’s important to also know that the insurance coverage you have may not cover all of the costs of your care. Again, this differs from one situation to the next. We will always be upfront and transparent with you about the costs you may incur. Things like the length of stay you have, the medications you need, and the type of therapy available to you may change the outright price.

To find out about commercial insurance we accept, reach out to our team now. Do not delay in getting the care you need.

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The commercial insurances we take range widely. It takes just minutes to find out what insurance for rehab is available to you and to get the support you need. To learn more about rehab insurance coverage for Ethan Crossing, give our team a call at 833.691.0736 or connect with us online now.