residential addiction treatment program at a recovery center in ohioWhen substance abuse or mental health issues become too much for an individual to handle, entering a residential substance abuse treatment program may be the best way for them to heal. Residential rehab gives patients space and time to address their issues. Patients discover how their addiction impacts not just themselves but those around them. They learn how to identify triggers, avoid risky situations, and cope with cravings. Most importantly, as their body heals, they will work through our therapeutic services. They will find new and effective ways to manage their emotional distress and improve their mental health. Ethan Crossing Recovery offers comprehensive care for drug and alcohol addiction, as well as related mental disorders.

Therapy Programs In Our Residential Treatment Center

Within treatment, patients will have the opportunity to explore several different kinds of therapy. As your counselor or therapist works with you, you may discover certain kinds of therapy, producing better or more effective results than others. For instance, some of the therapies we provide include:

During our residential program, our patients will gain the support of the communities that they will become a part of. Individuals are able to interact with others who are undergoing similar issues. Therefore, they learn new coping mechanisms, gain and provide support, and develop a sense of shared struggle. Often, knowing that they are not alone in experiencing the challenges and triggers in confronting substance abuse allows our patients to focus their energy and effort on their recovery. Also, group therapy lays the foundation for how to find and take part in supportive communities after treatment is complete.

Another focus of our program is our dual diagnosis treatment program for co-occurring disorders. Frequently, patients develop substance use disorder due to an underlying mental health issue like anxiety, depression, or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). When this happens, patients need treatment through our depression treatment program and our anxiety treatment program for both their addiction to drugs or alcohol and the mental health issue. Without addressing both conditions simultaneously, patients are very likely to relapse.

What To Expect In Our Rehab Center

Here at Ethan Crossing Recovery, we offer a standard 30-day program, a 60-day program, and a 90-day residential treatment program. When an individual comes to us, they will live with us in our facility for the duration of their program. We provide our patients with a comfortable living space and amenities as they begin the healing process and work to overcome their addiction. With 24 hour supervision seven days a week, individuals are put on a tight schedule. We do this to ensure their commitment to the program and to minimize relapse or other negative behaviors or habits. Within our inpatient treatment or residential program, individuals will work alongside counselors and therapists to address their issues.

Part of this will involve a one-on-one individual therapy program but will also include a group therapy program. As the care team evaluates an individual’s condition, we will develop a plan of continuing care and therapeutic options for them.

At Ethan Crossing Recovery, we will make sure each patient gets the necessary treatment they need to address their specific issues with addiction or mental health.

How Our Recovery Center Can Help

No matter the condition you or a loved one is struggling with, finding professional help is the only way to heal. Ethan Crossing Recovery offers a residential treatment program that Ohio residents can trust. We know that you will emerge stronger and healthier. Whether you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse or with mental health issues, we can help. Our medical and holistic approach treats both the body and mind which sets up patients for a lasting recovery. Reach out to us today at 833.691.0736 to explore how we can help you.