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For men and women struggling with addiction, finding help to stop using substances seems like a challenge. However, many people who have followed the 12 step program were able to get help and overcome their addiction. Therefore, it is possible to get help for addiction through our addiction treatment center programs. If you are thinking about a 12 step therapy program in Ohio, reach out to Ethan Crossing Recovery. Learn more about how our addiction treatment therapies can help you get on track for a healthier, addiction-free lifestyle today.

Treatment Options At Our Recovery Center

12 step therapy at a recovery center in ohioThere are numerous benefits of a 12 step program along with therapy treatment. If you live in the Springfield, Dayton, or Columbus Ohio area, Ethan Crossing Recovery can provide you with a treatment program that is designed to fit your needs and help you overcome your addiction. Treatment focuses on helping you to get clean and to develop tools for staying sober. We offer treatment such as:

The 12 step program is one of the treatments available to you in these programs. It is one just one of the many examples of the care you will receive when you are here. While much of the 12 step program is self-led, it is crucial to work with a therapist through it. You may also find that a cognitive-behavioral therapy program (CBT) can continue to help and support you through your recovery journey. For those seeking a 12 step program in Ohio, turn to Ethan Crossing Recovery. Our team can help you overcome your addiction and start on the path towards a life without drugs or alcohol.

Is A Therapy Program Right for You?

A 12 step program helps people realize that they can stop using drugs and alcohol on their own. At Ethan Crossing Recovery, we provide you with the therapy and treatment you need to break your reliance on drugs or alcohol. You also get access to our full team of experts who will help you through the process. The 12 step therapy program is your guide for overcoming addiction, so it can help you to stop using and allow you to overcome the effects addiction has on your life.

What to Expect From A Therapy Program At Our Treatment Center

Ethan Crossing Recovery will provide a full exam for you and then make therapy recommendations for your needs. For those seeking a 12 step program, a group therapy program, or an individual therapy program in Ohio, we can provide that for you. The 12 step method focuses on admitting that you are powerless over the drugs you are using. Then, you seek guidance and support from a higher power. For some people, this is the God of their particular religion. For others, it might be a non-denominational spirit or force.

You do not have to be religious to use the 12 steps, and it can still be powerfully rewarding. This is because the goal of the 12 step program is to realize that you can help yourself and stop yourself from using drugs and alcohol. This is an essential component of your well-being. We have seen how this program has helped others overcome addiction and want to do the same for you.

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There are many options for 12 step therapy for addiction. At Ethan Crossing Recovery, we aim to support you in finding the right choice. If you are thinking about a 12 step therapy program in Ohio, speak to our team of professionals. When you talk to us at 937-646-7795, you will see just how dedicated we are to your recovery. Call us to learn more about how we can help you today.