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Treatment for substance use disorder is different for everyone. As a result, your loved one’s program may be vastly different from the treatment program of your friend or coworker. Each individual has unique needs. Because of this, addiction treatment programs in Springfield, Ohio, target different behaviors and different challenges. Not surprisingly, this gives the patient the best chances for lasting recovery. At Ethan Crossing Recovery in Springfield, Ohio, we customize each treatment plan to the individual. Customization allows us to treat co-occurring disorders through a depression treatment program or an anxiety treatment program at the same time we address the addiction. Consequently, our patients receive the quality, comprehensive care they require.

Addiction Treatment Therapies in Springfield, Ohio

picture of scenery at addiction treatment programs in ohioWhen you begin your addiction therapy in Springfield, Ohio, you will undergo an initial assessment. This assessment helps us determine which approaches are right for you. We offer several treatments from which to choose, including:

Often, we recommend more than one therapy. Combinations include behavioral therapy aided by medication or a 12-step program involving family therapy. Your addiction therapy in Springfield, Ohio, may be different from the program that your peers follow, and that is okay. Every patient comes from different backgrounds and every patient faces different challenges. For these reasons, it is better to have a wide range of treatment options available.

Addiction Therapy in Springfield, Ohio

Just as there are many different treatment approaches for addiction counseling in Springfield, Ohio, there are also many different types of programs that our patients enjoy. Ethan Crossing Recovery offers accommodations for guests at every step of their addiction recovery. From our drug detox center through transitional living, we will be there for you every step of the way. We will help you through every stage of your addiction treatment therapy in Springfield, Ohio.


For many of our guests, treatment begins with detox. Detox helps move the drug through and out of your body so you may start to heal. Sometimes, detox may be medically assisted, especially if you are battling alcohol or opioid addiction and need an alcohol addiction treatment program. Medically assisted detox masks the worst of the withdrawal symptoms. These may include vomiting, shaking, tremors, diarrhea, cravings, and more. As a result, through the use of replacement drugs such as buprenorphine, symptoms are lessened, and detox becomes easier.


If you undergo addiction treatment programs in Springfield, Ohio as part of a residential program, you will live at the center until treatment ends. Treatment length varies, but a longer stay is usually better. Subsequently, the longer your stay, the better your chance at making a full recovery and avoiding relapse. Throughout your residential stay at Ethan Crossing Recovery, you will receive help from a daily individual therapy program in Springfield, Ohio. In fact, you will enjoy the support and encouragement of peers who are fighting the same battles. Ethan Crossing Recovery places a huge emphasis on learning how to structure your day, manage your stress, avoid triggers, and improve your coping skills.

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

If you are chosen to participate in our partial hospitalization program (PHP), you will remain living at home. You will attend addiction treatment therapy in Springfield, Ohio, at Ethan Crossing Recovery five days a week. PHP enables you to continue working or attending school while still receiving treatment. Patients who have a stable home life and plenty of strong support from family and friends are candidates for PHP. We also offer outpatient care and intensive outpatient care for addiction therapy in Springfield, Ohio. Your medical care team will help you decide which option is right for you or your loved one.

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