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For substance abusers, taking the first step to recovery can feel overwhelming. At Ethan Crossing Recovery’s residential treatment program in Springfield, Ohio, we help clients navigate their way through recovery. Our group counseling program in Springfield, Ohio, helps clients learn from and assist their peers at different stages of recovery.

What Is Group Therapy?

people attending a group therapy programGroup therapy, a kind of psychotherapy, differs from individual therapy programs where clients meet with their counselors one-on-one. The group therapy program in Springfield, Ohio, brings together several clients guided by a therapist. Although some clients feel shy about sharing their struggles, group therapy is a safe space during substance abuse treatment.

Overview of Group Therapy At Our Ohio Treatment Center

Group therapy for addiction in Springfield, Ohio, may consist of small groups of three or four clients or more than 12. Sessions typically last 1–2 hours and are most effective in an inpatient setting. The therapist determines the type of group therapy that they think will be beneficial, such as skills development, support groups, and cycle educational groups. Our group therapy program in Springfield, Ohio effectively treats substance abuse disorders. Many clients benefit from the peer support they receive in group therapy.

Benefits of Group Therapy And Addiction Counseling

The group therapy program allows you to interact with others in recovery. You will learn how others with substance abuse disorders cope with drug and alcohol cravings and avoid relapses. Participating in group therapy helps you realize that you do not have to do everything alone. Additionally, sharing information about your own experiences can boost your confidence and encourage others on their road to recovery. You find a great deal of freedom to release feelings of guilt, stress, and pain in an understanding atmosphere. You can use group therapy in conjunction with a depression treatment program or an anxiety treatment program.

In group therapy, clients learn how to cope with their feelings. Clients also learn to avoid destructive behavior, such as seeking out alcohol or drugs. Instead, new practices emerge and lead toward a healthier lifestyle. Further, the therapist creates a structured environment and leads the discussion.

Substance Abuse Treatment We Offer

Group therapy effectively treats many substance abuse disorders, including:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Stimulants (meth, ecstasy)
  • Antidepressants
  • Tobacco or nicotine
  • Prescription pain medication
  • Hallucinogens (LSD)
  • Opiate addiction
  • Depressants

To make the most of our group counseling program in Springfield, Ohio, you should remain open to others and offer feedback. Additionally, it will help if you accept the feedback constructively to get the full benefit of the session.

Stages of Group Therapy At Our Ohio Recovery Center

Our group therapy for addiction in Springfield, Ohio aims to guide clients through six stages of recovery:

  • Pre-contemplation: At this stage, clients do not think they have a severe problem. They are still in denial.
  • Contemplation: With the help of the therapist, those in recovery begin to think about reducing their substance intake or quitting altogether.
  • Preparation: The client has realized the harmful consequences of substance abuse disorder and needs to seek help from a substance abuse treatment program. You make preparations to quit.
  • Action: During this stage, you choose a strategy they can help you stop using drugs and alcohol. With the help of the group and the therapist, you are ready to commit to sobriety.
  • Maintenance: You work to maintain abstinence and avoid a relapse. You may be able to maintain lifelong sobriety during this stage.
  • Recurrence: In the event of a relapse, you can return to a previous stage and continue the recovery process.

Typically, during our group therapy for addiction in Springfield, Ohio, a licensed therapist determines the type of group session you should attend. However, they take your input into account before assigning you to a group.

How Our Rehab Center Can Help

The goal of clients in our group therapy program is sustainable recovery. Ethan Crossing Recovery counselors and therapists lead clients through this journey and help them develop coping skills so they can avoid a relapse and live healthy, productive lives. Contact Ethan Crossing Recovery at 937-646-7795 today to find out how to join our group counseling program in Springfield, Ohio.