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Methamphetamine, more commonly known as meth, is a dangerous and addictive drug. It is a stimulant, which means it works to stimulate various areas of the brain to create a heightened sensation. If you are using this drug, you may be at risk for severe addiction and overdose. Seek out an Ohio meth addiction treatment program that can offer you the support you need. We can do that for you at Ethan Crossing Recovery.

Treatment Options For Meth Addiction At Our Rehab Center

meth addiction treatment program at a rehab center in ohioAt Ethan Crossing Recovery, we work closely with you to understand what your needs are. To do this, we provide a full exam and conduct a comprehensive psychological evaluation. We can then create a treatment plan customized to your needs. For those who are facing meth addiction, it may be necessary to start with a detox program. Ethan Crossing Recovery offers an in-house drug detox program.

A drug detox program allows you to remove harmful substance from your body. Over time in detox, your withdrawal symptoms will subside as the substance is flushed from your system. Detox is the best option for long-time meth users or those who experience meth withdrawal symptoms.

When you are looking for an Ohio substance abuse treatment program, you should understand what is going to help you after detox. That is where our evidence-based treatments come in. These programs, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical therapy, and motivational interviewing, can teach you strategies to help you manage your addiction. A key component to recovery from meth addiction is holistic treatment, along with outpatient treatment programs. We offer treatment options, such as:

We support you as you work to rebuild your family relationships, too. Through programs such as our family therapy program, we can help you to create a plan for success at home. It all starts with helping you to get sober and into the right customized treatment plan for your needs. Our counselors can help you with that.

Why Turn To A Recovery Center For Meth Addiction?

When a person uses meth, he or she feels a change in their bodily functions. Their heart rate increase, blood pressure rises, and they feel as though they have a lot of energy and focus. You get excited. All of this creates a change in the brain’s chemistry. The brain recognizes that these are good feelings and craves them more often. As a result, your brain wants more and more of the drug to create the same level of high. However, meth is toxic, and you can overdose from even a small amount.

By turning to an Ohio drug addiction treatment program, you can break this cycle of addiction and get help to stay sober. Meth use can cause severe cognitive changes in your brain and your body. It can also create emotional problems such as aggressive behaviors, violent outbursts, depression, mood changes, and delusions.

If you have experienced any mental health changes in yourself due to meth, get help at an Ohio depression treatment program. We can help you reverse the damage that addiction has caused and get you on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

How Our Rehab Center in Ohio Can Help

If you are searching for an Ohio meth addiction treatment program, come to Ethan Crossing Recovery. At Ethan Crossing Recovery, we work side-by-side with our clients to provide them with a trusted, comprehensive program for recovery. Call us to learn more about what we can do for you to overcome addiction by calling 833.691.0736 now.