Addiction wreaks havoc on your life and your relationships. People find themselves caught in a cycle that prevents them from quitting. Because of this, it can also mean that you are not able to fully recover from addiction. A medication-assisted detox program in Ohio offers access to medications that help you through detox. Read on to learn more about the drug detox center at Ethan Crossing Recovery and how we can help you overcome addiction.

What Is A Medication-Assisted Detox Program?

medication-assisted detox program at a recovery center in ohioA medication-assisted detox center provides you with relief during your detox from drugs and alcohol. Unlike a regular detox program, a medication-assisted detox is one that uses medications under a doctor’s supervision. These FDA-approved medications help manage both the physical and psychological symptoms that can often result from drug withdrawal.

Many people are not aware of how important it is to attend a medication-assisted detox center for recovery. There is a false assumption that using these types of medications trades one kind of addiction for another. The truth could not be further from this mistaken assumption. The reality is that some of the withdrawal symptoms you could experience during this time could be life-threatening. As a result, you might need pharmacological treatment to get through the process. It is extremely important to attend a medical detox program in order to have a professional oversee your detox.

This will ensure your safety throughout the process and gives you the best chance of recovering from addiction. In other cases, these withdrawal symptoms you experience could be excruciating. This pain is needless and often prompts people to relapse during this phase of their treatment. Our medication-assisted detox program in Ohio provides you with the support you need to recover safely.

Medication-Assisted Detox At Our Treatment Center

A medication-assisted detox program is not a recovery program that can stand alone. Attending a medication-assisted detox center is the first step in an addiction treatment program. You will need to continue taking medications throughout your treatment program to help ease your way to recovery. Finding a high-quality medication-assisted detox program in Ohio is crucial to your recovery. At Ethan Crossing Recovery, we also provide the following:

Additionally, we offer services such as a spacious lounge and game area, 12 step programming, DBT, alternative self-help, and CBT. You can also achieve recovery through a number of different resources we offer such as music therapy, wellness services, yoga, and our gym.

We Help You Overcome Withdrawal At Our Rehab Center

When you go through withdrawal at a substance abuse treatment program, your symptoms can range from being very uncomfortable to life-threatening. The actual way your body and mind handle withdrawal depends on a number of factors including:

  • The drug you have been using
  • The severity of your dependence
  • Your own particular body’s way of handling withdrawal

A medicated assisted detox program in Ohio can protect you from dangerous withdrawal symptoms. If you decide to detox at home, your symptoms could become too intense to finish detox. This is why you need a medication-assisted detox center in Ohio. You are more likely to relapse if you detox on your own because you do not have medications to help ease the pain and dangers of these symptoms. As you move through withdrawal, your tolerance levels for the substance you are addicted to will drop continuously. If you attempt to ease your withdrawal symptoms by using once again, you could accidentally overdose.

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