Do you struggle with depression and anxiety? You may use alcohol or drugs to cope. In fact, you may have co-occurring disorders and need substance use treatment programs and a mental health treatment program. Seeking a co-occurring disorders treatment program in Ohio can help you find a way to overcome these struggles. Ethan Crossing Recovery can help you recognize these disorders and help you receive individual therapy and treatment.

What Happens During A Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Program in Ohio?

patient at a co-occurring disorders treatment program in Springfield, OHEvery person needs a customized treatment plan to help them achieve recovery. However, the goal of this treatment plan will be to address both your addiction and your mental illness at the same time. Your counselor will work with you to understand what is happening. Sometimes, the goal is to understand what came first, the mental illness or the addiction. From there, the goal is to understand the cause and work on improving your coping skills for each issue.

Often, the first step in a co-occurring disorders treatment center in Ohio is to work on the actual stabilization. That may include a drug detox center for those who are facing an immediate need to recover from addiction. It is also essential to stabilize your mental health to ensure that you are safe to go through detox. Our trained professionals will help you through each step of this process. Once this is complete, we can recommend the right treatment for you. We offer residential treatment programs and outpatient treatment programs. Above all, the goal is to help you to get help for all aspects of your health. Treatment may include:

What Is a Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Program?

It is not uncommon for a person who has a substance use disorder to also suffer from mental health disorders. You may be using drugs or alcohol to cope with your anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or post-traumatic disorder. In other cases, the use of drugs and alcohol can trigger these underlying mental illnesses as well. With the help of a co-occurring disorders treatment center in Ohio, you can treat both conditions at the same time. The goal of this treatment at a drug addiction treatment program is to help you manage your drug addiction and improve your mental health. Treating one without the other is never as beneficial. If you stop using drugs or alcohol, but you do not address the mental illness, you will likely relapse.

Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Center in Ohio

If you have the signs of mental illness and are using drugs or alcohol to cope, get help now. Some symptoms you may have include:

  • The need to use drugs or alcohol frequently
  • Pain or discomfort when you stop using drugs or alcohol
  • Increased tolerance to your drug, meaning you need more of the substance to get the same feeling
  • Your mental health problems seem to be worsening
  • You spend time thinking about your drug use

If you are facing any of these symptoms, you may benefit from a co-occurring disorders treatment center in Ohio.

Ethan Crossing Is Here For You

If you are seeking a co-occurring disorders treatment program in Ohio, you are making the right decision for your future. At Ethan Crossing Recovery, we find the treatment plan that is going to fully address each of your needs. We have an experienced team that is passionate about helping you overcome addiction. Call us at 937-646-7795 for help today.