a heroin rehab and heroin detox center

Do You Need Heroin Rehab or A Heroin Detox Center?

Heroin is one of the most addictive and dangerous drugs in existence. Thousands of individuals in the United States alone have died of heroin overdoses in the last decade. Many of those who struggle with heroin addiction never seek out help. They might think that heroin addiction treatment is too expensive, too time-consuming, or that…

doctor at a partial hospitalization program

Could a Partial Hospitalization Program Work for You?

Many of those in treatment for addiction or mental health issues opt for partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) instead of 24-hour care in psychiatric hospitals. As the name suggests, a PHP runs for several hours daily for up to five days every week. Individuals who participate in a partial hospitalization treatment program undergo the scheduled treatment during…

group at a heroin detox program in ohio

What to Know Before Entering a Heroin Detox Program in Ohio

If you or a loved one is struggling with heroin addiction, it’s essential to know two things. You are not alone and there are compassionate professionals ready to help you beat this affliction. Is heroin dangerous? Consider the following facts about heroin use: Drug overdose fatalities in the U.S. have tripled since 1990. Approximately 20…

man at a painkiller addiction treatment program in ohio

Are You Addicted to Painkillers?

Most people take aspirin or other pain-relieving drugs occasionally. However, after injuries requiring prescriptions some people develop addictions to stronger painkillers. In other cases, people may get addicted to drugs prescribed to other patients. In any case, addiction to prescription drugs used to manage chronic pain can be every bit as dangerous as an addiction…

woman at a residential drug detox program

What Happens in a Residential Drug Detox Program?

If you are preparing to go to detox, or are supporting a loved one who is beginning treatment, you likely want to know what to expect. During a residential drug detox program, you’ll go through the withdrawal process with medical support and counseling. This can help you build a strong foundation for recovery. Detoxing at…