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Opiate Addiction Rates in West Virginia: Why Seek Rehab in Ohio?

Opiate addiction has impacted communities throughout the United States. Addiction to prescription painkillers and illicit drugs has caused health issues, financial problems, and strain in families. West Virginia particularly has felt the pain of this epidemic and has even been referred to as its “epicenter.” This state has the highest rates of opioid overdoses and…

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5 Signs You Should Seek an Inpatient Mental Health Facility for Depression

If you suffer from depression and a substance use disorder, you need a reliable mental health treatment center to treat both of your conditions. Many patients with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders choose to enroll in our inpatient mental health facility. As a result, they are able to address their issues in a supervised, secure…

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How Painkiller Addiction Starts

Unfortunately, addiction to painkillers sometimes starts innocently enough. Doctors often prescribe opiates and other painkillers following dental procedures, surgery, and accidents. When taken as directed, opiates reduce pain and help you stay comfortable as you heal. However, opioids are like a band-aid that covers the pain without treating the underlying cause, and abuse can lead…